Thursday 25 August 2022

Day 252 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 We did end up taking a trip to the river last night to see the sunset but we missed it. We did see lots of Egrets though and some herons. So many birds on the water. Going to get myself some binoculars so we can see them better as they are quite far from where we can see them. 

Grabbed kiddo these sour patch kid Halloween candies. They have messed the flavors up and it messes with you esp when you have a yellow one but tastes like the blue. 

Found a beautiful Dahlia and grabbed some of these keys so I can make some mini bonsai of them. I am pressing the leaf in a book. 


Picked these awesome mini mini potatoes last night. I can not wait to eat them. Not sure what little dish I will make myself but sooo cute and can not wait to try them. 

Nothing beats fresh from the garden breakfast. 

Had a walk today as well and we stopped into one of the thrift stores in town and got some goodies. To get my hands on that wire winding kit was a score and only 8 bucks for it. Not reselling it is for me. 

Tired like crazy today and storm rolling it right now. Will likely pass but my head needs the atmosphere to switch. 

First thing out for walk was the whole Fae ensemble of mushrooms. 

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