Monday, 29 August 2022

Day 256 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Did a haul at Dollar Tree, impromptu haul as I was only going in for a couple things and as it always happens got much more than went in for. But pretty cool finds. Kiddo has ben learning to be okay with window shopping and in doing so actually got a few things he has seen elsewhere for many many dollars less by getting it at Dollar Tree. I grabbed some stuff to redo it into some Halloween and Horror stuff for myself on the cheap cheap as well. 

Did see one of those krazy bin places that opened up and no clue when. Those bin things that start at 25 bucks then last day of week cycle 1.00. Will check it out one day on the dollar days who knows what kind of bargain I will find. Experience will be fun. 

Kid drove me nuts today. 

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