Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Day 257 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


I love my baby doll Freddy. I forgot to sand the doll first to make the paint set and stay but fixed it and I love it so so much. Getting stuff together to make that Zombie baby I have to have, like really have to have. I need to find a large baby doll so I can make it. This doll make picture big but is only really small. 

Awe Pumpkin Spice how I love you. I love this time of year. Granted I Pumpkin Spice it allllllll year long, but finally back at Starbucks. Th muffin is so good and so moist. I am saving the scone for tomorrow but had to try it and yes scrumptious also. 

Kiddo made some Halloween themed crafts , I am working on Horror plaques that are for sale of course. 

The Rose of Sharon just looked so pretty with the water droplets from the rain. 

I just love my Witchy ware bottles. Not all done yet but collection is getting there. Such a much better place to hold them all. 

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