Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Day 258 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 That is it almost black outside and not even 8:30 means the Kiss of Fall is at our heels and I am loving it. 

Oh that scone was so good. 

Since my plants all decided to only have male flowers I have no harvest of Squashes or Pumpkins so going to have to buy a bunch. Time for hearty soups and stews baked in to hollowed out said veggies. 

I love those days when you are alone (well not without kiddo) and you can get done what you need to quickly and without a care for anyone else in the house. It goes much smoother that way. Finally able to get at the living room room up here. I will have it done in 2 weeks , have to start looking for a sofa of some sort. Need to have that room and space. A big weight has been lifted with just what I got done today. 

I love what you can do and the strength your body can have when you put trust in your cells and muscles. Such an awesome teaching moment for kiddo also. Power of the mind I tell ya.

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