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J.T. Michaels’ Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone Book Tour



The Core Beliefs at the Heart of Jimmy Chartron and the Lost

  At its heart, Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone is a coming-of-age novel that demonstrates the
importance of seeking the best in everyone and not losing oneself to despair.

  Jimmy is a unique character. Despite his innate intelligence, strong work ethic, and knack for solving
problems, he is drawn down by one weakness: a sheltered upbringing due to poverty. Because of this,
Jimmy interacts with the world differently. He is an introvert, preferring the company of himself to
others. He is a stickler for the rules, having been raised to respect authority, and generally errs on the
safe side of things. His agreeable disposition stems more from his belief that life is too short for
arguments than from what others assume to be a lack of confidence. He believes the best in people,
sometimes to his own detriment.

 When Jimmy meets Tessa, his notions in life are challenged. Unlike Jimmy, Tessa is an adventurer with a
wild streak. Her level of confidence and sass would be overwhelming were it not tinged with years of
wisdom and maturity. They start out clashing as opposites, but as time goes by, they each begin to
understand one another’s background. Through this understanding, a deep-rooted friendship begins to

  In our times, the world can be a busy place, and all of us sometimes misread others too easily, which
feeds into negativity. Jimmy is a character with a twofold purpose. He shows how easy it is to judge a
person and make snap decisions about their character. We see this in the people Jimmy interacts with.
Many characters find Jimmy awkward and ignore trying to get to know him. On the flip side, because
Jimmy understands what it’s like to be misunderstood, he takes the extra effort to try and get to know
people. Because of this, allies form where least expected and friendships blossom in the most curious of
places. Of course, Jimmy’s optimism is checked by Tessa’s experience.

  The real world is similar in that we should try and see the best in people, or at least understand them,
but do so with caution and knowledge. We can form unexpected relationships if we take a moment to
understand each person as an individual. In a world where negativity runs rampant, it will be a
refreshing change to try and focus on the good in people. How else can we inspire goodness if we don’t
believe in it?

  So, the novel’s message is this: believe in the best, and the best will happen. It’s not going to come
without sacrifice or hardship, but it’s there if all of us want it bad enough.


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Jimmy Chartron Book Giveaway



Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone

Written by J.T. Michaels

Ages 13-18 | 336 Pages

Publisher: J.T. Michaels | ISBN-13: 9781778035203

Publisher’s Synopsis: Author J.T. Michaels brings a fantasy tale of an ancient war, a modern-day murder mystery, mystical creatures, and memorable characters in his masterfully written young adult novel, Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone.

The Great War ended a century ago. Peace reigns across the eight countries. Epic tales of heroic men and women of those times are recounted in song and story. Yet, history seems to have forgotten a young battlefield healer, Tessa Marlise…


Sixteen-year-old Jimmy Chartron has just enrolled at the Navale Academy of Eagleon, his mind set on becoming an electrician. A chance magical encounter binds him to the trapped soul of Tessa Marlise. As Jimmy struggles to deal with this shocking development, murder and mystery unravel in the academy. Caught in the middle of everything, Jimmy realizes that a larger evil is afoot and that only two things can stop it: himself and the ghost in his head…






Author J.T. Michaels has always loved storytelling, no matter the medium. Being immersed in a different world, whether it’s through books or video games, has also been an obsession for him. Years after writing for his school magazine, he discovered he wanted to create his own worlds for readers, and his journey to fantasy writing began with Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone, the first volume in his epic fantasy series.   

J.T. gets inspiration for his books from everything around him, incorporating his friends as character ideas to make his stories as relatable and realistic as possible. He hopes his young readers come away from his stories having escaped from the real world for a bit and with a spark of magic that lasts long after the book is closed. 

When he isn’t writing enchanting fantasy novels for teens, J.T. enjoys running and spending time outside in the sunshine and hunkering down in a bookstore or library on rainy days. He lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he likes to indulge in a great cup of coffee. Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone is his debut novel, the first in a planned fantasy trilogy. 

For more information, visit https://www.jtmichaels.ca/.




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