Sunday, 25 September 2022

Crow tarot Read of the Day September 25 2022


Reading will resonate with some. Ace of Wands Reversed. (I see a theme emerging!?!?) Are you stuck/things getting in the way on your path or journey? Your Ace of Wands Crow is asking you to do some soul searching. Are you you track due to outside forces or influences bearing down on you; or are you internally self sabotaging or just not resonating? If external, lighten your load and influence of others by removing over service. Internally you must decide if you are on the right path for you and if not; change it. 100% honesty with yourself is the only way to go about it Blessings to those who needed this today and I value your resonating to my Magickal Realm. Powerful creature my Crow and I bless with Magick their gifts to me for the mini daily reading. Subscribe for more. Your path to Magick awaits you. I bestow upon you a most Magickal beautiful Day.

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