Thursday, 22 September 2022

Crow Tarot reading of the Day September 21 2022


(Blanket Read: Will resonate and be exactly what some will need.) Become a Master of your life through the power of your emotions. Stop, meditate, feel, and think about emotional triggers in certain situations and become a Master over them. In turn this will give you complete control over any situation that may arise; including the darkest of strife or unwell wishers to your life.Your emotions on the negative realm can hold you back and even stall any further progress of utmost value to your life. This Royal Visit from the King is expressing your need to reflect in and on a situation you are in now that may require the grace and compassion of the King Of Cups. Storms can continue through life, time to release yourself if any are holding on to you and fix the emotions around them You will notice that the card shows a storm on the one side but after passing through the gate, stillness, resilience, poise and grace of the King; it is smooth sailing. Blessings to those who needed this today and I value your resonating to my Magickal Realm. Powerful creature my Crow and I bless with Magick their gifts to me for this mini daily reading. Subscribe for more. This True Natural Witch is just getting started. Your path to Magick awaits you. Yes I do offer all sorts of Readings, Spells, hand crafted Magickal items, and the like. I bestow upon you a most Magickal, beautiful Day

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