Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Day 279 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 What a fun day. 

Start off I used my Crow Tarot and put up a read, so here it is. Just pulling one card a day to start and giving a quick reading may or may not resonate. Go to YouTube to read the description that is where the reading is. 

I love this deck. I can easily do Tarot and making my own sets but nothing ever resonated until I found these. 

We tried out Krazy Bins it was $1.00 day and yeah bit crazy in there. We got a few things, I found 13 items. We could have stayed longer and looked much better but we found a couple gems. Was not really a kid items day so kiddo was let down, but we will visit again. I searched some of the items and we did really well for the less than 20 bucks it all cost. Know now to take a bag with us the next time. 

The best score was the stop at Bulk Barn after since in same plaza. I bought out the only Halloween stock they got and it was last years. They are not getting anything at all in. I got all this stuff for 75 % off. $40.00 worth of their price for less than $8. 

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