Saturday, 1 October 2022

Crow Tarot of the Day Oct 1 2022


Reading much needed and will resonate with some. Five of Pentacles With the cold winds of fall blowing in and signaling the time of dormancy state of Winter (the "death" stage). There will always be a Spring. No matter what happens and even if all appears lost it is it a fallacy. There are moments of opportunity no matter how fleeting they may seem; around every corner. Just open your eyes. Truly see. Everything in life is always one's own move, feed your Spirit. We go by way of our own actions, others have no bearing, stop allowing them to. Blessings to those who needed this today and I value your resonating to my Magickal Realm. Powerful creature my Crow and I bless with Magick their gifts to me for the mini daily reading. Subscribe for more. Blessings to those who have already. You are part of the Candy Bubble Realm. Your path to Magick awaits you.

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