Tuesday 18 October 2022

Day 306 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Love when you put out for stuff and it just shows and does exactly what and how you want it. May seem like little things but in the grand scheme big things. Like no traffic on the road the way you are going even though was middle of rush hour and opposite side of street was grid lock. Smooth sailing for me. Then of course it started to rain so I wanted a perfect parking spot right up front and bam just pulled right in to a parking spot right up front and no wait. The exact items I needed where on the shelf and 2 were the last one left. Just one of my size of skirt left on the shelf with a lots of other sizes but one left just for me. Told myself that the grid lock would be gone by the time I needed to go back that way and it was. In front of me clear, just as I asked for; behind me not so much. Kiddo even had some of these moments also.

Not much else today but laundry done and kind of vegged and watched some stuff. That new tv show Reboot has me hooked. It is just a good laugh and you need not think about anything else in life but joy. 

Follow through to YouTube for read, but it is also listed in today's post as it is for everyone. 

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