Thursday 27 October 2022

Day 315 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Oh Halloween, I take such delight in thee. Of course I am a full fledged, Samhain Halloween Spirit everyday of the Year, there is just something about this New Year my true New Year celebration. Happening soon and can not wait. Few days to go and count down is on. 

Kiddo lost a tooth this morning. He had some pretty awesome but tough candy after our walk this morning and out it came. As with most he never says anything is wiggly and one day it just falls out with ease. He shocked himself today as there was no blood on this one. Those are always good considering how the blood upsets him. Was nice to have one fallout with complete ease and no breakdown. 

Had to buy myself a cherry bakewell tart. Way too many things I had to have from the bakery as I passed, but needed that tart. 

Had awesome pics of it, but of course I deleted them and thought I uploaded. But big ole nah. 

Was yard work, work day, so i opted out of a read today. 

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