Friday 4 November 2022

Day 323 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Sweet numbered day. 

Wow, sun was shining beautiful and free money in the bank I had no clue about. What an awesome surprise this morning. I mean we spent it on a lot of stuff. Some frivolous but a lot of stuff we needed so I just said heck yes and got it all. 

We did a huge haul at the thrift store, and boy we scored. Kiddo got a massive massive bag of Lego for 6 bucks. Pretty sure there was shady pricing going on and someone was trying to get it. But I snatched it. They never price Lego that cheap. I never buy it at that particular thrift store due to over pricing, but this bag and this amount. Well whomever wanted it lost it cause I snatched it. A smaller bag with not many pieces of generic pieces was 5 bucks. I scored a few good finds also esp the 7 Eleven slurpee  machine. 

Later on we hit up the other thrift store. Grabbed kiddo and awesome Mighty beanz score. But best was a brand new SNL Trivial Pursuit in packaging priced at $3.50. Also scored 80's Canadian Edition for 4 bucks. It was open , one package of cards but still awesome. Guess with young kids pricing and having no clue of the value of the SNL edition I get a score.

Found some amazing leaves on the walk also. Already in the books to dry out and do not feel like geting up to get pics. Maybe tomorrow. 

Also scored $20 free in GT bucks also. 

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