Wednesday 16 August 2023

Fry Pan Peach Cobbler Pancake

 Luscious fresh farm to table Ontario Peaches prepared with the golden amber deliciously sweet Canadian maple syrup. 

Feeds 1 person, add more to feed more. Though so good not sure you will have enough.
Uses just one pan. Plus here's the thing I eyeball all my ingredients to suit my personal needs and taste preference. For example the pancake mix, I like the mid mark between runny and a fluffy pancake batter so I add that amount of water, you may want more or less. 
I am also using a Buttermilk pancake mix as from scratch right now is not an option, so you go with what you got. Works just as well with a homemade pancake recipe too.
(adding a mini short vid in so hang tight) 

For the Cobbler part: Chop up one large peach or 2 medium ones into sliced or diced your preference). In your fry pan add a generous Dallop of Salted Creamy Butter ( I added 2 TBSP I love butter, salty butter), 3 TSP of Maple Syrup, 2 TBSP Water. Cook low and slow over low-med heat till a sauce develops and your peaches are of desired tenderness.
While cooking make your pancake batter as it creates fluffier batter resting. I took 1 1/2 Cups of butter pancake mix ( I used Pearl Milling Company and not sponsored) and eyeballed my water for my desire. It was about 1/3 cup-ish. Stir up and let sit till your peaches are ready. Then just pour on top of your peach mixture. I turned the heat up just slightly and just before medium on my little toastmaster hot plate and again not sponsored.
Once the all over tell tale doneness bubbles formed (5-7 minutes), I flipped it over. Well in sections as so fluffy it fell apart slightly and I of course I didn't have my flipper on hand. Let cook on second side about 3-5 minutes till cooked through; plate and eat.  I added more butter and 2 more TSP of Maple Syrup and pretty much inhaled my beautiful peach cobbler break-my-fast for the day.

If you make it please share in comments if you did anything different or used another fruit; would love to try your version plus if you have the best ever from scratch pancake recipe that would be awesome please share in comments down below for anyone. 

Peaches are such a Witchy, Elfen-Fae ish taste sensation summer treat. Always a bit of Magick with the first fresh juicy bite.